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Book in the works

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Book in the works

Postby rjwmorrell » August 31st, 2015, 2:46 pm

I am cross-posting this in the VWF as well, hope nobody minds.

I have been working on a book detailing the accounts of four successive generations of naval officers in my family, spanning a healthy period from the 1760s until WWI. This period of course includes ALL of the Napoleonic Wars and the entire Victorian period. I have no firm release date, but am about 40,000 words into it so far.

I have been releasing snippets and other teasers on a facebook group and with permission I'd like to post the link to it.

The tentative title is In The Finest Tradition, and it will detail the lives and careers of four Royal Navy officers - made up from the ranks Lt. John Morrell (1755-1813), early arctic explorer and anti-slaver Capt. Arthur Morrell (1788-1880), west african explorer Cmdr. George Truman Morrell (1830-1912), and finally Paym-Capt. Arthur Wellesley Morrell (1862-1944).

I'd certainly welcome some feedback on the teasers and I hope those who are interested will look forward to the final product.

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Re: Book in the works

Postby Digby » April 8th, 2017, 6:10 pm

What a great idea.
You are blessed to have such ancestors
How is the book going?
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