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Have you any plans for your book collection?

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Have you any plans for your book collection?

Postby Digby » June 20th, 2017, 3:19 am

I was wondering, as I am now a pensioner, what would happen to my Napoleonic book collection if and when something happens to me.

Have you any ideas, or have you made any plans.

I am going to discuss it with my girl friend (partner) and my brother and my grandson.
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Re: Have you any plans for your book collection?

Postby Skarpskytten » June 20th, 2017, 7:09 am

I don't have a collection nor any plans, but as an old archivist I would say: see if there is an archive, library, museum (regimental?) out there that might be interested.

The archive I worked for would certainly have loved to add books to our collection - the right books. The "secret" here is not what you want, but what they want, i.e. you must find an institute that would feel that your collection would add to what they already have. If your are lucky you might even get someone to take it of your hands for free, other might require some convicing. Not long ago, I got an archive to take my grand dads old papers against me and my aunt paying a modest membership fee. Totally worth it, and I am sure grand dad smiles in his heaven.

And of no one wants the whole collection, someone might want parts of it, which might be better than nothing.

Oh, and having your kin on board is great! So many books and original sources are lost due to unknowning heirs.
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Re: Have you any plans for your book collection?

Postby Senarmont198 » June 20th, 2017, 9:22 am

I've discussed this subject (along with the subject of my toy and model soldier collection) with my son, who will receive both eventually.

Good idea to wonder what will happen to it.

Over the years I have purchased toy and model soldiers from collections being broken up and I have found it very sad. Books are just as personal, and I was very fortunate to have been given/left a good portion of an old friend's library almost twenty years ago.

Both collections are meant to be used, and I have about 2,000 volumes in my library, half of them Napoleonic and some of them rare and hard to get. So I believe it is important to make arrangements for their new homes in the future.
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