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"That regiment with castles on their caps.."

PostPosted: October 3rd, 2017, 8:15 am
by jf42
Greetings, all.

At Waterloo, the 27th Inniskilling Regiment, as most of us know, suffered particularly heavy casualties; the spectacle of their position afterwards being famously described as the regiment lying "literally dead, in square."

Another element in the story of the Inniskillings at Waterloo is the comment Napoleon is alleged to have made
in response to the 27th's tenacity in holding their place in the line:

"That regiment with castles on their caps is composed of the most obstinate mules I ever saw; they don't know when they are beaten."

The quotation, which can be found on the Royal Irish website and was copied in various places around the web during the bicentenary period, seems now to be part of the Inniskillings' folklore. ... nt-of-foot.

I should be grateful to know if anyone is familiar with this comment from sources elsewhere. It does not appear, for example, in the Historical Record of the 27th Inniskilling Regiment, written and published by William Trimble (good Ulster name, there).

I may as well come out and say it seems to me to be inherently improbable that the remark was made in the first place, let alone recorded and transmitted so that the regiment could subsequently learn of the grudging respect that they earned from the Emperor.

I could be wrong.

I shall crosspost to the 'Waterloo 200' section.