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Earlier Austrian regulations on Google

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Earlier Austrian regulations on Google

Postby DaveH » August 4th, 2016, 10:39 am

Austria did not run on a "revolutionary/Napoleonic" timescale, but had undergone significant reform in her army in the mid-18th century. For many years, the lack of accessibility (and 'Kopieren Verboten' notices) of the earlier regs from the mid-18th century have made study of the Imperial Army in the pre-1807 period rather difficult. However, there has clearly been some recent activity in the Vienna libraries as these are now becoming available. It is just a shame we could not have had them earlier and used them in a staff tent in reenactments.

1) 1757 Artillery regulation - the original set produced as part of Lichtenstein's reforms, albeit lacking the associated diagrams (some of which are in Allmayer-Beck 'Das Heer unter dem Doppeladler') ... &q&f=false

2) 1769 Generals-Reglement - this is the Austrian generalcy and staff manual ... &q&f=false It was updated and made more readable in this 1785 edition ... ie&f=false

3) 1769 reglement fur die sammtliche kaiserlich-konigliche Infanterie - a service regulation: vol 1 covers the functions of each rank, military justice, camps and pickets plus report forms ... &q&f=false At the end, the original; company strengths are shown with 113 per company in peacetime (Kopf figure down the left side) and from Entwurf 5 on p.81, the wartime strength expanded to 115 in the Grenadiers and 152-4 in the fusiliers.
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Re: Earlier Austrian regulations on Google

Postby TheBibliophile » August 4th, 2016, 4:51 pm

All copied from the French.
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Re: Earlier Austrian regulations on Google

Postby DaveH » August 27th, 2016, 11:21 pm

Steve Smith, that doyen of Google searchers, posted this about the 1794-6 consolidation of Austrian regulations and their availability on the Net:

Das Oesterreichische Militaer betreffende Schriften. 1794-1796. 6 vols:
Full Contents: 1. Bd. Generalreglement, oder Verhaltungen fuer die kayserl. koenigliche Generalitaet.--2. Bd. Dienst- und Exercierreglement fuer die saemmtliche kayserl. koenigliche Infanterie.--3. Bd. Stand- und Verpflegs-Regulament der ganzen k. k. Armee.--4. Bd. Kriegsgesetzte, oder Verhaltungen fuer die saemmtliche kayserl. koenigliche Armee.--5. Bd. Allerneuestes Exercir-Reglement fuer die gesammte kaiserl. koenigle. Kavallerie.--6. Bd. Neustes Reglement fuer die saemmtliche kaiserlich koenigliche Kavallerie:

Vol 1 (1794): ... edir_esc=y

Vol 2 (1794): ... edir_esc=y

Vol 3 (1794): ... edir_esc=y

Vol 4 (1794): ... edir_esc=y

Vol 5 (1796): ... edir_esc=y

Vol 6 (1796): ... edir_esc=y
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