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Austrian training books 1806-13

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Austrian training books 1806-13

Postby DaveH » August 28th, 2016, 8:03 pm

The training overhaul in the Austrian army under Archduke Charles produced a stepped series of manuals:

A) Dienst-reglement für die K.k.Infanterie - service manual with job descriptions and service regulations

B) Abrichtungs-Reglement (1806) - basic drill regulations up to company level

These two were the basic regulations, which had to known by every soldier

C) Exercier Reglement für die K.K. Infanterie (1807) was the higher level drill regulation up to regiment size and had to be known by NCOs and officers

D) Beiträge zum practischen Unterricht im Felde für die Officiere der österreichischen Armee (1806-13) were a series of booklets for the education of junior officers. The Beitrage were located by Steve Smith, so I thought I would copy them over with some description; all of them are quite short at 35-80pp with diagrams

1) (1806) ... &q&f=false covers outposts and patrols

2) (1807) ... &q&f=false covers reconnaissances and marches to the front, flank and rear

3) (1808) ... &q&f=false covers skirmishing, both with the third rank and in the light infantry sense

4) (1808) ... &q&f=false covers attacking and defending both woodland and villages plus fighting in a position with several villages - perhaps rather prescient of the great battles of 1809

5) (1808) ... &q&f=false covers the attack and defence of positions taken by large bodies of troops, including outflanking them

6) (1810) ... &q&f=false covers attack and defence of defiles, crossing rivers and attack and defence of mountain passes

7) (1811) ... &q&f=false covers feints and demonstrations, observation and siege of fortresses, leading, defending and attacking supply trains

8) (1813) ... &q&f=false covers obtaining supplies and foraging, winter positions for small and large forces.

1-4 are also here and 5-8 here

E) 'Grundsätze der höheren Kriegs-Kunst für die Generäle der österreichischen Armee' (1806) was a small book about strategy for the senior generals, updated as 'Grundsätze der höheren Kriegskunst und Beyspiele ihrer zweckmässigen Anwendung für die Generale der Österreichischen Armee' (1808) ... edir_esc=y
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