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Living history camp at Sewerby Hall 29th May

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Living history camp at Sewerby Hall 29th May

Postby FBC-Elvas, Portugal » May 27th, 2016, 4:48 pm ... 1990000000

The 33rd Regiment of Foot Napoleonic re-enactment society brings their living history camp for a weekend of drill and tactics, realistic military duties, talks and presentations. The children’s musket drill is said to be very participatory.

10am - Camp open to visitors
11.30am - Drill display
12.15pm - Talk: Undressing the Soldier
1pm - Drill display
3pm - Talk: The Surgeon's Knife
4pm - Camp closed

Estate admission charges apply.

The 33rd Foot is modelled on a standard battalion company of a line regiment of infantry during the period 1812–1816. We are not guards, highlanders, rifles, grenadiers or light infantry. We don’t pretend to have any special skills or to be a unique unit. Instead we represent an ordinary company of red-coated line infantry. Emphasis is placed on the life of the ordinary rank and file – the private soldier – that made up the backbone of the army.

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