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British Army for Sale, superbly painted.

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British Army for Sale, superbly painted.

Postby grumpy » November 8th, 2015, 12:05 pm

I have decided to sell my entire British Napoleonic Army, either entire or in parts. Old age and lack of opponents and eyesight!

It is painted to near Diorama standards ..... I won many prizes in the 1970s at exhibitions and events.
The figures range, deliberately, from Minifigs to Hinchliffe and others, to give variety of height and chunkiness.

The rules used assumed about 25 men to one figure, so a typical infantry battalion is about 25 men, with cavalry and artillery to proportion. All figures are based, in sets of 4,3,2,1 to allow casualties to be removed pro-rata. There is a correct proportion of sergeants and corporals, clearly badged as such. Where relevant, light and grenadier companies are identifiable. All units have a Command nucleus: mounted officer[s], colour/standard, drummer etc.

The generals are individually named and are appropriate to role: Wellington, Uxbridge for cavalry, Craufurd for the Light Division etc. Also Hill, Beresford and others.

The Army comprises:

Horse artillery 3 x 9 pdr, 3 x 6 pdr, 3 x 5inch How. All Hinchliffe. Included are one 6 horse team and limber, spare wheel carriage, water cart, fodder wagon and various artefacts. Also a Rocket Troop, Hinchliffe.

Foot artillery 2 x 18 pdr, 2 x howitzer, 1 x light man-portable mortar. Several limbers. All Hinchliffe.

Cavalry Division all Hinchliffe
Heavy Brigade.
Life Guards, Dragoon Guards
Light Brigade
Hussars [several troops from different units]
Light Dragoons ditto.

Infantry Light Division. Various makers for variety.
95th Rifles [Sharpe and Harper, with massive multi-barrel gun]
KRRC three companies [Fredrikssen included]
43rd Foot, with colours
51st Foot, with colours

Guards Division, mixed figures, mainly Hinchliffe.
One each of
1st Guards with colours
Coldstream with colours
Scots with colours

Infantry 2nd Division
1st and 2nd King's Regiment, with colours
Gordon Highlander, with colours.
Connaughts, in greatcoats, with colour.

The 3rd Division is a Royal Marine and RN landing party, comprising two 18pdrs on naval carriages with Minifgs crew, and two battalions of RM, assorted makers.

All figures have three paint layers: thin white matt undercoat, uniform Humbrol coat [uniforms stained, faded, battle-worn as appropriate] and a matt top coat to allow handling and avoid sjiny "toy soldiers"

I am in the process of taking quality photographs of complete units, and will gladly email to any serious prospective buyers. I will attempt to sell privately until Christmas and thereafter will put them to auction.

Finally I will attempt to post here one representative shot but the bandwidth allowed will not do justice.
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