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Forum Rank Structure

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Forum Rank Structure

Postby Mark » May 19th, 2011, 7:32 pm

As with many forums the NWF employs a forum rank structure. The ranks themselves mean little but are useful in denoting the role played by forum staff and the post activity of normal members. Details of the current ranks are as follows:

- New Member (0-99 posts)
- Participating Member (100-199 posts)
- Senior Member (200-499 posts)
- Veteran Member (500-999 posts)
- Senior Veteran Member (1000+ posts)

Members should not post unnecessarily in order to achieve higher ranks!

Forum staff ranks are:

- Forum Administrator (full administrative rights to the forum - i.e. the forum owner)
- Forum Monderator (members granted moderating privileges)
- Honorary Academic Advisor (honorary title awarded to members who are accomplished authors or academics within a related field or discipline)

Note that staff ranks indicate role played in the administration of the forum by the individual member concerned and are not post count specific.

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