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A question about Austrians in 1796

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A question about Austrians in 1796

Postby WuTian » July 8th, 2017, 11:07 am

In David Hollins' Austrian Grenadiers And Infantry 1788-1816, there exists an interesting paragraph in page 26,
Embarking on the 1796 German campaign, the army lacked 69,127 pairs of trousers, 267,228 pairs of underpants, 337,337 shirts, 49,014 pairs of gaiters, 14,313 pairs of shoes and 30-40,000 greatcoats. At Emmingden 3,000 troops fought barefoot; many lacked trousers and gaiters.

A vivid description for the Austrian soldiers. However, since the Osprey books do not provide the space for endnotes. Could DaveH kindly give the source for this information?
PS: Was Emmingden another name of Emmendiengen?

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Wu Tian
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