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220th anniversary of Bassano

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220th anniversary of Bassano

Postby DaveH » September 8th, 2016, 10:06 am

Five days after Charles crushed Jourdan at Wurzburg (at which point, many urged Thugut to negotiate a peace), Napoleon defeated Wurmser's second attempt to relive Mantua in the battle of Bassano. It is probably the least well-known of Napoleon's four victories in the Mantua phase of the 1796-7 campaign and part of Wurmser's force did actually get through to the fortress. However, it is perhaps the most interesting in being one of Napoleon's key early intelligence successes as Toli tipped him off that Wurmser was dividing his forces - he went SE to Bassano leaving Davidoich at Trent, so that Napoleon could defeat them in detail.
Vernet's painting of Bassano
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