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Rodemack Fortress, NW France

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Rodemack Fortress, NW France

Postby FBC-Elvas, Portugal » May 1st, 2012, 11:09 am

In 1792, the fortress was besieged by the Duke of Brunswick. Among the defenders were Sous-Lieutenant Brune (later Marshal of France) and Sergent Junot (later General and Duc d'Abrantès).

In 1815, Prussian troops tried again to seize the fortress, which was commanded by General Hugo (1773-1828), father of the writer Victor Hugo (Mon pére, ce héros au sourire si doux - "My father, the hero with such a sweet smile").

The writer described Rodemack as follows: Rodemack est célèbre parce qu'en 1814, une garnison de 75 hommes, détachée de Thionville et mise dans Rodemack par mon père, a tenu tête à 4500 Allemands. A l'heure qu'il est, Rodemack est démantelé. Ce vieux bourg a encore un grand aspect. Un reste d'enceinte du treizième siècle avec porte de ville entre deux tours rondes; un reste de haute muraille qui était la citadelle de 75 hommes de mon père. Tout cela est saisissant. Je retournerai à Rodemack.

Translation: Rodemack is famous because in 1814 a 75-men garrison, detached from Thionville and sent to Rodemack by my father, resisted 4500 Germans. Nowadays, Rodemack is demolished. This old village is still impressive. Remains of the 13th century wall with the city gates flanked by two round towers, remains of a high wall of what was my father's 75-men citadel. All that is striking. I'll come back to Rodemack. This information is from

Rodemack 1815 memorial General Hugo vs Prussians (Medium).JPG
Rodemack 1815 memorial General Hugo vs Prussians (Medium).JPG (73.13 KiB) Viewed 1609 times

It is still a striking village, close to the French border with Luxembourg. This monument stands outside the renovated citadel that can be visited. I was told that the dates 1815-1819 on the monument record the fact that it took four years to persuade the Prussians to return home.

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