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Napoleon's old guards-battles?

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Napoleon's old guards-battles?

Postby mcsnead17 » August 15th, 2012, 8:05 pm

I have brought several boxes of both grenadiers and chasseurs i am looking for a least know battle that these units helped turn the tide during the battle can anyone help me with this also they are wearing greatcoats so i hope this helps?
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Re: Napoleon's old guards-battles?

Postby Laker45 » August 29th, 2012, 1:41 am

Hey, the Old Guard unfortunately did not fight too many battles until later in the war. Napoleon liked to keep them as a "back up". So if you want to model these soldiers in a battle they may have to be in later battles of the war. At Eylau the Guard advanced against the Russians when they broke the 5th Corp and nearly captured Napoleon himself. That is a definate possibility. The Guard fought extensively in the France campaign of 1814 so there are options there. At Eylau the Guard did not turn the battle however, it merely prevented it from becoming a catastrophe. A good book on Napoleon's Guard is Napoleon's Imperial Guard by J.T. Headley which may give you some information. Here is a website as well that is pretty accurate (actually it takes much of the book I just mentioned and incorperates it into the article) all about the Guard and gives examples of their battles. ... nd_battles

PS: The campaign in France was fought during the winter so they probably were wearing their grey coats. Good luck and hope this helps!
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