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Peninsular War 200

Postby Mark » June 16th, 2011, 6:27 pm

Web site looking at the Peninsular War 200 years on - 1808-14 / 2008-14. Please see extract below for further information on what this web site is about.

To commemorate in a spirit of respect to all and malice to none the 40,000 British (including Irish and foreign-auxiliary) service personnel who lost their lives in the Peninsular War of 1808-14.

To ensure that commemoration of the Peninsular War is embedded in a context that rejects jingoism, respects all the fallen of the campaigns of 1808-14 of whatever nationality, recognises the human tragedy of war and, in particular, its impact upon the innocent victims of conflict, seeks to promote friendship and reconciliation between past enemies, and is both primarily Iberian and one founded upon debate rather than confrontation.

1. To ensure that by 2014 the bicentenary of the Peninsular War, and, more particularly, the participation of the armed forces of Great Britain therein, has been commemorated by a programme of historical and cultural events that is adequate in both extent and co-ordination, as well as by, where possible, the erection of suitable monuments to the fallen or the refurbishment of those that are already in existence.

2. To raise awareness of the Peninsular War and the important part that it played in shaping the history of Britain and Continental Europe alike.

1. Establishing and maintaining the official United-Kingdom web site in respect of the bicentenary of the Peninsular War over the period 2008-14.

2. Acting as the first point of contact and advice for United-Kingdom Ministry-of-Defence and Foreign-Office agencies on matters related to the Peninsular War.

3. Supporting the work of Waterloo 200 (which is recognised as the premier organization in the field in promoting activities relating to the campaign of 1815, by providing a focal point for Peninsular-War and Napoleonic organisations (both British and foreign), UK Ministry-of-Defence and Foreign-Office personnel, military museums, regimental associations, re-enactment societies, universities, schools, publishers, tour companies, television companies, film producers and other parties with an interest in the Peninsular War.

4. Providing the British embassies in Madrid, Lisbon and Paris with support in all matters related to the Peninsular War.

5. Promoting the exchange of ideas and the publication of papers and other works related to the Peninsular War.

6. Ensuring, in so far as is possible, that work published in Britain on the Peninsular War is of high quality.

7. Promoting and facilitating the organisation and funding of historical, cultural and archaeological projects associated with the Peninsular War.

8. Cultivating links with Spain, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, France and other interested countries with the aim of building long-lasting partnerships through bi-lateral and multi-lateral initiatives.

9. Excluding jingoist sentiment from the commemoration of Britain’s participation in the Peninsular War.

Charles Esdaile/Nick Lipscombe, January 2009
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