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Battle of Leipzig - Live on 24 hour news

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Battle of Leipzig - Live on 24 hour news

Postby Lt.Campers » September 21st, 2013, 10:24 pm

Those of you following the Bicentennial Napoleonic re-enactments across mainland Europe
( Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, etc ) will be delighted with the
news that the Battle of the Nations ( Battle of Leipzig ) will be broadcast live in 24 hour
news format by East German broadcaster MDR.

This is probably only the 2nd time a major Napoleonic Battle has been broadcast live
in Europe.
The first being the Bicentennial re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz back in December
2005 by Czech Television.
Rumour has it the BBC and Belgium State TV will be observing MDR's coverage for
their own portrayal of Waterloo in 2015.

Click on the MDR Battle of Leipzig events page . then on the Audio / Video link
for a sample of how MDR is going to report on the re-enactment of the
Battle of the Nations in modern day, 24 hour news format.

Battle of the Nations, MDR Commemorative coverage and 24 hour news style reporting
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