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Day two of the Battle of Leipzig - MDR TV News report

PostPosted: October 15th, 2013, 7:56 pm
by Lt.Campers
Today's MDR 24 Hour news report, focuses on Day 2 of the Battle of Leipzig
as the bitter fighting continues with Allied troops tightening the French lines into
a wedge, North West and South East of Leipzig.

With darkness descending on the battlefield MDR camaras follow a group
of campfollowers, as they make their way amongst dead, plundering the corpses
for clothes, boots, shoes and any valuables that they can scavenge from the

MDR reporters also visits a Russian encampment to check the moral of the Allies
as the battle enters it's second day.

News bulletin also includes reports from their Correspondents in Paris & Moscow
with more background on the historical events that led up to the Battle of Leipzig.

Day 2 of the MDR News bulletin from Leipzig