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Day 3 Battle of Leipzig - MDR News & UK Rocket troop

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Day 3 Battle of Leipzig - MDR News & UK Rocket troop

Postby Lt.Campers » October 16th, 2013, 9:27 pm

Once more MDR reporters are on the scene,as the battle of Leipzig enters its
third day. With Allied forces of the Coalition launching an all out assault
from all sides - in what would be the bloodiest part of the battle, lasting
over nine hours and continuing well into the evening.

MDR embedded reporters give their own account of the battle at
Paunsdorf and Schonefeld.

An interview with Napoleon’s wife. Marie Louise of Austria.

The first of many frustrating attempts to gain an audience with the Emperor
Napoleon only to see tantalising glimpses of he’s famous hat - through the
Hotel window, as he checks in for the night.

An account on the economic impact of the War in terms of trade and the
farming community.

More French, Austrian and Russian encampment scenes, including our first
fleeting glimpse of the Swedes marching alongside the Prussians.

With last but by no means least ( 23 minutes into the bulletin ) MDR joins
the 2nd Rocket Troop of the British RHA, as they prepare to open fire
in the battle. Hooray !!

MDR Battle of Leipzig - 24hr TV News Bulletin
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