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Castro Urdiales 11 May 1813

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Castro Urdiales 11 May 1813

Postby researchingreg » January 30th, 2018, 6:43 pm

As a matter of interest
I was in Castro Urdiales and their is a large plaque showing about 200 named civilians who were massacred (many of them women) by the French. After the Spanish Garrison of about 1150 men was rescued from the castle by Royal Navy ships, the Royalist 16 guns under the command of James John Gordon Bremer, the Sparrow 16 Guns under the command of Joseph Needham Taylor and the Lyra 10 Guns under the command of John Campbell (the Navy had 10 men wounded in this action). The Spanish garrison was then transported to Bermeo. They had already repulsed a French attack in March 1813 but the French had returned in Great Force of up to 11,000 men under the command of Maximillian Foy including his own division and the divisions of Sarrut and Palombini. They arrived at the town on 25 April 1813 and waited for their heavy cannon which soon breached the town walls and they attacked on the 11 May. After this action the Navy blockaded Castro Udiales and the French had to evacuate the town on 22 June 813, after committing various atrocities. Some buildings in Castro still show evidence of burning from this time.
Apparently The Spanish Army fought the French independently from the Armies of Wellington on many occasions and had their own victories over the French.
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