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New Orleans Bicentenary.

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Re: New Orleans Bicentenary.

Postby janner » July 22nd, 2015, 4:04 pm

Senarmont198 wrote:I don't see where information from 'elsewhere' is either relevant or on topic. If you wish to discuss that subject I would suggest beginning a new topic in the Peninsula section as Josh has recommended.

Again, though, bringing something from another forum seems to me to be somewhat inappropriate, as is your 'reaping' comment.

I merely responded to your own post and made a simple reference too our previous exchange for your own convenience. After all, I could not assume that it was at the forefront of your mind.

As to 'reaping what you sow', I think that this typical English idiom is an entirely appropriate description for the consequences of French mistreatment of the indigenous Spanish population - that's why I used it. However, you make a good point as to Napoleon's attitude to Hamburg and, of course, I had considered the context of his letters regarding Spain. Did you have anything to add regarding their context rather than that of elsewhere - perhaps on another thread?

On that note, the discussion has moved a long way from the original subject, but Josh's suggestion came some time after my post. So it is unusual that you chose to single mine out for criticism.
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Re: New Orleans Bicentenary.

Postby Mark » July 22nd, 2015, 8:56 pm

We do seem to have lost the focus of the original subject in this thread. However, the discussion is still relevant - and interesting - to the forum, so please feel free to begin a new thread in the appropriate section if you want to.

Please also remember to remain civil towards one another, after all we are all here because we share the same passion :)

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