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The burning of the White House

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Re: The burning of the White House

Postby USM » September 25th, 2014, 2:16 am

Not this American.
Informed individuals who know what the message conveyed or what it attempted would find it as unforgivable as the burnings of American effigies in the middle east.
A few days ago marked the 2nd instance in which the president did a mock salute to the Marines at attention as he was exiting an aircraft. The 3rd related instance was in which a Marine was ordered to hold an umbrella for him. Beside the fact that personal servitude is illegal under the UCMJ, everyone felt there were underlying symbolic implications behind this act.
The Marine uniform embodies the national colors. Its not the man inside it that is being honored by the salute but the uniformed services of that nation. In the same fashion as you wouldn't dare use the national colors as a tablecloth, you also have to respect the uniform in public settings. Its a waste of time to mention that all high profile figures are aware and are instructed what gestures to give and when to do so. Body language plays the larger part in communication with up to 3/4 of the intended message done through postures and gestures.

To say that Americans don't care is an insult in itself.
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Re: The burning of the White House

Postby Banker » September 25th, 2014, 9:48 am

As we have seemed to have gone off on a tangent this post is locked.

Regards Steve
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