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Getting the best out of the forum

Section for new members to introduce themselves and get tips and advice on how to get the best out of the forum.

Getting the best out of the forum

Postby Mark » June 2nd, 2011, 8:58 pm

The following is a walkthrough of what is available on the Napoleonic Wars Forum with a few tips and advice on how to get the best out of your time here with us. It is not exhaustive but think of it as a ‘Getting Started’ guide.

The Rules
Before you do anything else read the rules! These have been kept minimal and simple and the vast majority who break them do so because they didn’t read them rather than intentionally trying to do so. As with any set of rules you won’t remember them all but they are mainly just commonsense so nothing to worry about. You can also refer back to them whenever you need to and if there are any updates or amendments to them we will let you know.

New Member Introductions
If you are new to the forum please do post a quick introduction to yourself for existing members to read. This is a great way to start to get to know people and helps form friendships. Think of it like walking into a room and asking a load of questions to strangers who do not know you – you would get a better response if you said hello first. We are a ‘friendly’ forum after all.

The French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars Category
This section is for discussing the various wars and battles of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. This category is sub-divided into the different wars that made up this period so try to ensure you post in the correct one! While every member here is interested in the Napoleonic Wars they may only focus on certain parts of it. If you post a question in the wrong sub-forum it may be missed by someone who can help you. Also please do not post research requests on individual soldiers or sailors who fought in the Napoleonic Wars – there is a dedicated section for this lower down the forum!

Napoleonic Warfare
This section is dedicated to discussions on the Armies and Navies of the Napoleonic period – that is any army or navy that played any active role during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It also has sub-forums for the discussions of uniforms, insignia, equipment and medals used by these armies and navies. Please also use this category for discussing the weapons and tactics of the period and the finer points of things like siege warfare etc. If you are a collector of Napoleonic militaria then this section will be of great interest to you but please see further down the forum for the sale and buying of such items.

Researching the Napoleonic Period and Useful Links
If you are researching individual soldiers or sailors who fought during this period then this section is for you! Please post any help requests for research in this area where they can get the full attention they deserve! If you love to read books on the Napoleonic Wars please take a look at our Reference Books & Other Materials sub-forum. Here you can read the reviews and recommendations of others and post your own too. And it is not just books, you can also discuss just about any other reference material such as documentaries on TV or DVD, movies or other dramatisations that are of interest. We have also included a sub-forum in this category for you to post your own researching finds (we are a free forum so we love to share) as well as others that contain links to related museums and web sites of interest. If you know of any good sites that haven’t been included yet please do let the forum know by posting a link – a short description along with the link would be great if possible.

While the heading of this category sounds like a grouping of all the odd sub-forums that didn’t fit in elsewhere on the board it is no less important. Here you will be able to sell and buy Napoleonic period militaria if you are a collector but you must understand the forum rules regarding this service before using it! It is aimed at individuals and not dealers so if you are a dealer you cannot use it! However, you can advertise your web site or business address in the useful links sub-forum in the appropriate thread. Re-enacting, collecting or making toy soldiers and war gaming the Napoleonic period is incredibly popular all over the world – so if you are into this we have included several sub-forums for you. Finally we have a place for you to discuss anything that we haven’t catered for elsewhere on the forum that is related to the Napoleonic Wars and a section for you to post feedback and suggestions aimed at improving the forum. If you think we have got something wrong or it can be improved please do let us know. Likewise if we are doing something well let us know that too.

Further Help
If you need further assistance on the forum please do not hesitate to contact a member of the forum staff. The staff are divided into three categories: Administrators, Moderators and Academic Advisors. The Administrator is the person who owns the forum while Moderators are members who assist the Administrator to run the forum performing moderating duties to keep the boards working correctly. Academic Advisors are members who have contributed to the area of academic study of the Napoleonic period at a high level. Often these members will be authors or academics who advise the Administrator on the future development of the forum. These duties are not exhaustive and we work together as a team to ensure the forum grows and develops the way it should.

Last (but certainly not least) you are the most valuable aspect of the forum! Without your membership and contribution to the forum it wouldn’t exist. So with that please accept my thanks for joining use here and enjoy the time you spend with us!

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