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Berthier Describes Siege Warfare

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Berthier Describes Siege Warfare

Postby Connaught » September 1st, 2011, 6:08 pm

ALEXANDER BERTHIER, General of Division, Chief of the Staff of the Army, to the Minister at War].

Four pieces of 18 pounders were on the 12th playing from the battery; their direction was to continue to demolish the tower at the breach; the other batteries were directed against the rampart, and the out-works of the enemy.—In the evening, thirty of our men were ordered to take their post in the tower. The succeeding evening the enemy. Availing themselves of a serpentine fortification, which they had in the ditch, fired from behind at the breach; our grenadiers withdrew, after having reconnoitered the difficulty of getting down into the lower of the place…The enemy, at the moment we were mounting the breach at the tower, made a strong sortie from their height; but two companies of grenadiers shot forward, cut them off, and drowned all those who could not get under the protection of the batteries of the place.—In the attacks of that day, the enemy had 500 killed or wounded. Bonaparte ordered a second breach to be made in the curtain of the fortifications to the cast of the place, and a sapping, in order to march against the ditch; he set the miners to work in it, and blew up the counterscarp. On the 15th ammunition began to fail, and the fire consequently slackened.
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