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Fencibles and their role?

For all discussions regarding the home fronts (e.g. matters relating to the militia, fencibles, volunteers, yeomanry etc.) during the Napoleonic period.

Re: Fencibles and their role?

Postby BingandNelsonFan » March 21st, 2014, 8:20 pm

Thanks! That was a great answer and just what I was wondering. That makes sense out of the mention in Pride & Prejudice that "some of Wickham's friends" were willing to help him purchase a commission --- obviously, he was moving to the regular army. :)

I appreciate all the info! You've cleared a lot up for me.
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Re: Fencibles and their role?

Postby Dave G » September 15th, 2014, 6:34 pm

Hi Mark,

Recently received a somewhat reproachful PM (that I have not visited the site lately), so have been doing some surfing here (without the help of Ugg!).

Don't know much about any militia fencibles, but there was quite a large organisation called the Sea Fencibles. They were set up under the Navy's auspices as a waterborne defence force for the Martello towers, estuaries and landing places in anticipation of the Napoleonic invasion. Unfortunately the Admiralty created all sorts of problems for itself with its recruitment criteria for this organisation because there were some conflicts with the success of their own Royal Navy press gang recruitment programme and many maritime folks who signed up for it apparently often did so because it presented a softer option than RN impressment. There is an excellent chapter about this in Mark Philip's book "Resisting Napoleon" see

In terms of the context of the Sea Fencibles, you may also find this resource enlightening (I certainly did) -

Best wishes to all
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