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Norman Cross Eagle Memorial and Trafalgar

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Norman Cross Eagle Memorial and Trafalgar

Postby PaulC » September 22nd, 2012, 4:34 pm

When we look at the casualties of the period we often take note of where the dead from a particular action were buried. I notice that within the Forum there are posts relating to memorials that have been erected around the world to the battle dead.

However, we should not forget that many veterans of these battles are buried in the UK. Between 1793 and 1815 over 200,000 prisoners of war were held in this country. Between 1803 and 1814 a total of 10,341 died in captivity, and many have their last resting place commemorated in some way.

In 2009 I was a consultant on a Time Team dig on the site of Norman Cross prison depot near Peterborough, and one of the remits of the dig was to find the prisoner’s burial ground. Near the south-west corner of the depot site, alongside the A15 Yaxley/Peterborough road, is the impressive Norman Cross Eagle Memorial. This monument commemorates the 1,770 prisoners of all nationalities who died at the depot between 1797 and 1814. Until Time Team discovered the burial ground in the north-east corner of the site, we did not know where the bodies had been interred. Part of my involvement was to analyse the death certificates to discover what these men had died of. This was a mammoth task and we only touched upon this in the final screened programme. Since then I have had the chance to look at these certificates in detail, plus discover where these men were captured by examining the General Entry Books, or registers, of prisoners at the depot.

Amongst those 1,770 bodies in the burial ground are men taken at the naval battles of Camperdown and Trafalgar. Resting amongst these seamen are soldiers from Maida, Sahagun and Walcheren.

I thought I would publish here a list of the 41 Trafalgar veterans buried at Norman Cross, showing what these men died of. The Friends of Norman Cross are planning a programme of events for 2014 to commemorate the bicentenary of the closure of the depot. We shall be remembering these Trafalgar men alongside those taken in the Peninsula, at Walcheren and the many other actions that resulted in captives for the war prison system of Britain.

Details of the Friends can be found at:

The facts quoted are in this order:
Name,Rank,Ship,Age at death,Where taken,Time of death,Cause of death

Louis Dalmarre, Sailor, Swiftsure, 26, Trafalgar, 16 February 1806, Febris intermittens
Pierre Sicard, Sailor, Bucentaure, 22, Trafalgar, 28 March 1806, Tetanus
Jean Vignot, Soldier, Berwick, 28, Trafalgar, 14 May 1806, Phthisis
George Guillon, Sergeant Marines, Master at Arms, Berwick, 34, Trafalgar, 5 July 1806, Typhus
Jean Chaillet, Corporal, Berwick, 31, Trafalgar, 14 July 1806, Typhus
Jean Mouton, Sailor, Berwick, 23, Trafalgar, 25 September 1806, Catarrh
Michel Laroche, Soldier, Berwick, 37, Trafalgar, 3 December 1806, Diarrhoea
Jean Giraud, Gunner Marine, Berwick, 21, Trafalgar, 21 February 1807, Abscess & Debility
Jean Pennevesne, Sailor, Scipion, 24, Cape Ortugal (4 Nov 1805), 23 February 1807, Phthisis
Pierre Peytrey, Soldier 16th Regiment, Berwick, 22, Trafalgar, 8 March 1807, Catarrh
Nicolas Fritz, Soldier 67th Regiment, Achille, 28, Trafalgar, 9 March 1807, Fever
Joseph Francois Lambert, Gunner, Berwick, 25, Trafalgar, 14 November 1807, Debility
Louis Neraud, Gunner Marines, L’Aigle, 34, Trafalgar, 15 November 1807, Debility
Joseph Cozic, Sailor, L’Intrepide, 24, Trafalgar, 17 November 1807, Debility
Jacques Vimont, Sailor, L’Intrepide, 47, Trafalgar, 18 November 1807, Debility
Jean Barbaroux, Gunner Marines, L’Intrepide, 36, Trafalgar, 24 November 1807, Phthisis pulmonalis
Jean Etienne Morel, Gunner Marines, Swiftsure, 22, Trafalgar, 27 November 1807, Phthisis
Yves Labate, Soldier, L’Intrepide, 34, Trafalgar, 18 December 1807, Consumption
Antoine Bernard Pierret, Sailor, L’Aigle, 28, Trafalgar, 16 April 1808, Fever
Arnaud Patron, Corporal, L’Intrepide, 31, Trafalgar, 26 May 1808, Pneumonia
Denis Herbisset, Corporal, Berwick, 38, Trafalgar, 11 July 1808, Pneumonia
Louis Morin, Sailor, Swiftsure, 30, Trafalgar, 20 September 1808, Dysentery
Pierre Revel, Soldier, Berwick, 31, Trafalgar, 13 March 1809, Phthisis
Jean Londes, Gunner Marines, Swiftsure, 21, Trafalgar, 1 August 1809, Phthisis
Charles Barbary, Sailor, Berwick , 25, Trafalgar, 4 February 1810, Phthisis
René Vergniaud, Novice, Achille, 25, Trafalgar, 16 February 1810, Phthisis
Louis Regnier, Sailor, Swiftsure, 38, Trafalgar, 24 February 1810, Phthisis
Simon Darlot, Soldier, L’Intrepide, 41, Trafalgar, 29 October 1810, Pneumonia
Gaudery Sauleyran, Sailor, Berwick, 36, Trafalgar, 24 November 1810, Dysuria
Jean Salonique, Corporal, Berwick, 34, Trafalgar, 10 July 1811, Hepatitis
Jean Rojus, Sailor, Berwick, 27, Trafalgar, 1 October 1811, Shot by a Sergeant of the West Essex Militia – chance medley
Joseph Moret, Sailmaker, Le Scipion, 29, Cape Ortugal (4 Nov 1805), 26 May 1812, Phthisis
Jean Choul, Soldier, L’Intrepide, 36, Trafalgar, 13 July 1812, Visitation of God
Jean Menard, Novice, Achille, 36, Trafalgar, 1 November 1812, Phthisis
Claude Deplagne, Gunner Marines, L’Intrepide, 43, Trafalgar, 7 May 1813, Febris
Pierre Laure, Gunner Swiftsure, 54, Trafalgar, 13 May 1813, Phthisis
Michel Sinez, Boatswains Mate, Berwick, 56, Trafalgar, 23 May 1813, Abscess
Jean Berjoneau, Caulker, L’Intrepide, 32, Trafalgar, 9 August 1813, Phthisis
Jean Joseph Fabre, Gunner, Swiftsure, 37, Trafalgar, 3 January 1814, Phthisis
Denis Godart, Sergeant Major 16th Regiment, Berwick , 44, Trafalgar, 15 March 1814, Dropsy
Francois Lapierre, Sergeant Gunner Marines, L’Aigle, 41, Trafalgar, 26 April 1814, Hepatitis
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Re: Norman Cross Eagle Memorial and Trafalgar

Postby FBC-Elvas, Portugal » November 27th, 2012, 6:20 pm

A belated thank you for this information Paul. I must have missed it when first posted.

What specific information do you have about the French prisoners of war remembered at Chatham? I've posted news of the commemoration there this month. viewtopic.php?f=61&t=1312

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Re: Norman Cross Eagle Memorial and Trafalgar

Postby Mark » November 28th, 2012, 12:13 am

Likewise a belated thank you for your excellent post! Apologies as I also somehow missed it but glad Sarah has brought it back to the attention of the forum. I remember watching the episode and for those that missed it there is some info on Channel 4's web site.

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