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Petition for the extension of the Waterloo Battlefield

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Petition for the extension of the Waterloo Battlefield

Postby Dominique T. » May 5th, 2014, 6:23 pm

Petition to preserve the Waterloo battlefield

Postby Dominique T. » April 17th, 2014, 3:33 pm

Petition in support of the project of extension of the historically protected Waterloo battlefield.

I support the project of the Walloon Region in Belgium to extend the historically protected area of the Waterloo battlefield. Thanks to the law of 26 March 1914, the area of the fighting between the British-Dutch Allies and the French has been protected and has kept its 1914 appearance. I support the new project of the Walloon Region to extend this area in order to include the area of the fighting between the French and the Prussians. That area is as important for History and for remembrance.
The 1914 law already protected 1346 acres, the current project aims at the protection of nearly twice this surface (2948 acres), mainly around Plancenoit, an area that is not protected.
The aim is to ensure the understanding of the armies' movements, protecting the landscape and safeguarding its agricultural use. Everything that was allowed will still be allowed, but the waiting period for some authorizations will sometimes be longer.
Then you must click on the (second or third) link on the e-mail with the title ” : Confirmez votre signature“ you get as an answer.
Please sign and share if you care about history !
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