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Waterloo Master List from Historyland.

For all posts regarding the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo | 1815 - 2015.

Waterloo Master List from Historyland.

Postby Josh&Historyland » September 1st, 2015, 12:48 pm

As per Mark's suggestion I have created a master of all the links to my Waterloo posts. I'm a terrible editor so please forgive my errors, but if you see any awful ones please get in touch by DM or email so I can fix them. It's been so fun writing all this and connecting with everyone over it, here and on Twitter etc, I hope you enjoyed them too.


The things you find in Gutters. Feb - June 1815
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... n-gutters/

Napoleon prepares for war.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... s-for-war/

The Doubts of the Duke of Wellington. April-June 1815
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... ellington/

Blücher Comes West.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... omes-west/

Brussles in the Summer.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... he-summer/

False Steps. Morning to Evening Thursday 15 June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... lse-steps/

The Most Famous Ball in History. Night of the 15th - 16th June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... n-history/

Bridges and Crossroads. Military actions of the 15th of June.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... rossroads/

Ligny. Prussian sector 16th of June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... /02/ligny/

Quatre Bras. Anglo Allied sector 16th June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... atre-bras/

Two Roads to Waterloo. Retreat of the 17th of June.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -waterloo/

Will it never be Day? Night of the 17th of June.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... er-be-day/

The Expectant Hope of Victory. Morning 18th of June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... f-victory/

Three soldiers. Brief summary of infantry equipment.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -soldiers/

Waterloo the First 6 Hours.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... t-6-hours/

Waterloo the last 6 Hours.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... t-6-hours/

Grouchy the Invincible. 18th to the 22nd of June 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... nvincible/

Here the main campaign narrative ends and I focus on little known areas of the battle and campaign. All miscellany really.

Abstracts of a Battle. Dealing with the experience of women and children, the wounded and killed horses, PTS, a brief an to be honest probably insufficient filler about the Rothschild affair and a more satisfying bit accompanying it about the Waterloo Dispatch.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -a-battle/

Waterloo, counting the cost. Casualties.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -the-cost/

The First Charge. The Royal Carabinieri and the Campaign of the Alps.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... st-charge/

Monuments Men 1815. Art reclamation during the occupation of Paris, Focusing on the Spanish part.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -men-1815/

Catching Napoleon. The Royal Navy in 1815 and the hunt for Napoleon.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -napoleon/

A Sardinian Officer at Waterloo. Count de Sales, Waterloo and a portrait of a career after 1815.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -waterloo/

The Italian Connection. The Prince of Castelcicala Waterloo and another picture of post Waterloo affairs.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... onnection/

Blessing or a Curse? The British Army in light of Waterloo.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -or-curse/

Here I include my 4 part series on the Scots Greys at Waterloo. Those Terrible Greys.
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... ys-part-1/
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... ys-part-2/
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... ys-part-3/
https://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpre ... -part-4-2/

Adventures In Historyland, Keeping History Real.
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Re: Waterloo Master List from Historyland.

Postby Mark » September 2nd, 2015, 7:48 am

Thanks, Josh! Lots of interesting reading for the members.

Mark :)
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